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  • Holdover proceedings

    This is a court action in which a landlord is demanding possession of the premises. A Holdover Proceeding can be brought against a tenant whether or not rent is paid The purpose of a Holdover is to regain possession of the dwelling for reasons such as over- staying a lease term, nuisance, month to month tenancy has expired, etc. This matter is generally commenced with a predicate notice, improper service of which can result in dismissal of the action. After expiration of the notice, the matter is brought to court via a Notice of Petition and Petition. If this is improperly prepared and/or served, the case may again result in dismissal. Ezratty, Ezratty & Levine have successfully commenced and won many Holdover Proceedings. If you are a landlord who needs to bring a Holdover Proceeding against a tenant, call the Law Offices of Ezratty, Ezratty & Levine, LLP at (516) 747-5566.