Providing Closing Services for Buyers and Sellers

Real estate closings are complex proceedings with many potential complications. With buyers, sellers, lenders, inspectors, real estate agents, brokers, title closers, title clearance officers, and attorneys all involved in the process, there are many goals to meet. Yet our singular goal is to protect the interests of our client. Trust the experienced real estate law firm of Ezratty, Ezratty and Levine to negotiate through all difficult pre-closing and closing situations to fully protect your financial interests and property rights. Our attorneys have decades of experience in representing buyers, sellers, and lenders in both residential and commercial transactions. We know how to quickly resolve closing matters in the most cost-effective manner possible, with the highest level of service.

Services for Buyers

Buying a home is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming. Buyers face many challenges along the way—both the common and the unexpected. Let the professional real estate team at Ezratty, Ezratty and Levine:

·Research, review, and investigate the title history of your new home. We will identify potential problems and resolve any disputes with the seller and lender. We will investigate and confirm that you are purchasing a home with a “clean title.”

· Manage complications related to new construction properties. These can include builder warranties, manufacturing defects, and other developer disputes. Contractual provisions may also be different—and more complicated—for the purchase of a newly-built home or one under construction. Our attorneys have extensive experience in managing all potential risks of new construction properties.

· Protect you from fraud and misrepresentation throughout the sales transaction. It is always better to catch potential issues before a transaction is executed rather than have to resort to potentially costly litigation after the fact.

·Schedule the Closing of Title to accommodate the needs of the Purchasers and advise Purchasers (pre-closing) as to the required funds necessary to close the transaction.

· Prepare a closing statement, post-closing, which will serve as your record of the Closing transaction for later use and reference.

· Negotiate any physical condition disputes with the seller. Unexpected—and unusual—problems may be discovered during the property inspection or during the attorney review period. Our attorneys work with you to find the best solution. This may be an abatement in the purchase price, a seller’s repair, or a credit to the buyer. We will explore all options to find the solution that is right for you.

There is simply no substitute for experience. Protect your interests throughout the buying process by relying on the advice of our seasoned real estate law firm, with a full staff of lawyers and paralegals experienced in both residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Services for Sellers

At Ezratty, Ezratty & Levine, we are qualified to represent sellers in real estate transactions involving any type of residential or commercial property. For our seller clients:

·We prepare the contract and work with the seller and the seller’s agent(s) to ensure the contract properly reflects the terms agreed to during the negotiation process.

· We prepare all required closing documents, as well as a closing statement that details the terms of the transaction.

· We work with buyers’ attorneys and lenders to resolve any issues which arise during the transaction so the sale can be consummated quickly.

· Whenever a title question arises, a request is made with regard to the physical condition of the property, or a lender expresses any concern about the property, our team communicates effectively with all parties to identify the specific problem and find a solution which meets everyone’s needs.

· We make sure that vague terms are clarified and all parties are clear on the payment and division of commissions.

· Sellers can also be surprised by the tax consequences of the sale of a home. Ezratty, Ezratty & Levine believes that no seller should be unprepared.

Services for Owners

The legal complications associated with buying a home do not end when the transaction is completed. Our firm offers a full suite of services to meet the legal needs of homeowners. We advise owners on refinancing, deed changes, modifications, and short sale options.

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It is impossible for any buyer, seller, lender or attorney to anticipate all the potential problems that can occur during the sale or purchase of real property. However, by relying on the knowledge and skill of an experienced real estate law firm, a buyer, seller or lender can rest secure in the knowledge that their interests are being protected by a professional who will capably and competently resolve any issue which may arise. Trust the team at Ezratty, Ezratty and Levine to skillfully represent your interests in any real estate transaction.