While real estate is one of the most exciting sectors of the American economy, it is also one of the most volatile. It can be highly lucrative or highly unprofitable, depending on how well a person protects her financial and legal interests in the real estate market. Whether you are a buyer, seller, private lender, public lender, developer, or investor, the skilled real estate attorneys at Ezratty, Ezratty and Levine offer a wide array of services that can protect you in all real estate proceedings. Contact our office to speak with an experienced real estate attorney, and learn more about the services that are right for your particular situation.

Closing Services:  Buyers, sellers, and lenders (both public and private) all have financial interests and property rights at stake in a closing. By thoroughly investigating title histories and defects, legal liability, and all other facets of a property, our attorneys ensure that your closing is completed quickly, profitably, and without hidden risks.

1031 Exchanges: It is critical to have a properly structured 1031 Exchange that complies with applicable tax laws but also provides all possible tax benefits for real estate buyers and sellers. We represent both buyers and sellers in drafting and negotiating the contract of sale and evaluating many factors to select the right structure and entity to serve as the 1031 Exchange Agent.

Investor and Developer Services: Investors and developers have an even greater financial interest in real estate proceedings, because they are involved with the real estate on a much larger scale than private homeowners. The skilled team at Ezratty, Ezratty and Levine has decades of experience in meeting the unique needs of investors and developers. We represent these groups in local compliance issues, permit acquisition, sales transactions, and construction matters.

Title Matters:  Protecting a buyer’s right to a clear title involves much more than a simple title search. At Ezratty, Ezratty and Levine, we believe in comprehensive title investigation and protection. This begins with a through and widespread title search. We carefully examine these results to identify any possible complications or areas of potential problems. We work with buyers, as partners, to identify the appropriate response to every title issue.

Local Compliance Matters: Local zoning boards, architectural committees, community development boards, building departments, design boards, site review boards, preservation and historical committees, and housing associations can impose an endless stream of regulations upon property owners. Don’t take on these municipal entities alone. A seasoned lawyer will help you prepare a strategy for compliance with all local regulations. She can also help you negotiate a resolution when disputes do arise. Let the Ezratty, Ezratty and Levine team do this for you.

Services for Joint Owners: When more than one person (or legal entity) owns a single property, the odds of experiencing a dispute are high. Let the experienced negotiators at Ezratty, Ezratty and Levine identify the areas of dispute between you and your co-owners and advise you about the best manner of resolving them. If these disputes cannot be negotiated, legal action may be necessary. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing co-owners in partition actions and sales.

Litigation Services: Real estate litigation can certainly be complex. However, it may also be the only appropriate means of resolving a real estate dispute. Let the attorneys at Ezratty, Ezratty and Levine:

(1)  Ensure that any required predicate legal notices are served and displayed in the manner required by law.

(2)  Explore your options for equitable remedies with respect to the property in dispute. Equitable remedies are a specific power of the court to order non-monetary, temporary relief while a court case is pending. Remedies may include asking the court to impose a constructive trust to protect the property during litigation. You may request a temporary restraining order to stop behavior that impinges on your ownership rights (such as a neighbor whose shed encroaches in your yard). A court can order a wide variety of equitable remedies. Our attorneys work with you to find the right remedy for your particular situation.

(3)  Once litigation has commenced, the court may require alternative dispute resolution (or it may simply be the most cost-effective method of achieving your desired result). The professional team at Ezratty, Ezratty and Levine will protect your property rights throughout any arbitration, negotiation, settlement conference, or other alternative dispute resolution proceeding.

(4)  We can tailor appropriate motions to your specific litigation goals. Our attorneys have frequent and effective communication with our clients to determine the client’s specific goals and identify the legal tools that are best suited to meet them.

(5)  Going to trial is a lengthy process. It requires research and preparation of evidence, pretrial discovery (through depositions, interrogatories, and other discovery tools), pretrial hearings, and the ability to manage the host of complications that can arise throughout the process. Our attorneys handle these proceedings deftly and professionally so that litigation causes you as little inconvenience as possible.

Real Estate Experience on Which You Can Rely

Real estate is a volatile, fast-paced and exciting industry. It is also the source of heated disputes and expensive litigation. Save yourself from costly mistakes by consulting with an experienced real estate attorney early. The professional team at Ezratty, Ezratty and Levine will protect your financial interests and property rights at every stage of property ownership. Schedule your consultation today to learn how we can make a difference in your real estate experience by contacting us online or by calling our office at (516) 747-5566.